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AYC Pump Issue and Rebuild

EVO 4/5/6:  AYC lights on ?

EVO 7/8/9: Three lights stay on (Tarmac/Gravel/Snow) ?

These signs indicate your hydraulic system has an issue, and in most of the cases, your AYC pump and/or its components are faulty. 

A Genuine Brand New AYC pump assembly will cost approx. $4500 AUD (which is available in our online store, Please Visit).

Alternatively, Techsport is able to rebuild your AYC pump assembly. Please refer steps that we will take to rebuild your pump (Right Column)



Diagnose the issue

Before we start to rebuild your AYC pump, we recommend customers book-in for a diagnostic check. We will use MUT III Computer to identify the trouble code, we will also directly connect the pump to test if the pump itself (Eg: Is it building up correct pressure? Is it holding up correct pressure? Is it cycling correctly?)


Remove the Pump assembly and Bench work

Once the pump issue has been confirmed, we will remove the entire pump assembly from the vehicle, and start to rebuild the pump. Rebuild kits, Reconditioned components, Replaced parts will be used during rebuilding. We will also bench test and initial prime the system before the pump assembly fitted back to the car


Install the AYC pump assembly back to the car and full bleed the hydraulic system.

The Rebuilt pump assembly will be installed back to the car. and AYC/ACD system will be correctly bleed via MUTIII computer. We will clear old trouble code at this stage and re-test the system 


Test drive both on hoist and on road

We will finally perform a test drive both on the hoist and on road. We will re-scan the ECU after test drive been down to ensure the AYC pump has been a working condition

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