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Evo Restoration Projects

This is your Restoration Project Page.

Over time, all EVOs are becoming aged. Chassis Rails are rusty, Paint is faded, Mechanical Parts are worn...etc.

It is time to RESTORE your EVO to get rid of all Imperfection and restore the true Value of your EVO investment.

TME Restore 1.jpg

Underside Restoration

Stripping entire underneath (Fuel Tank, Gearbox, Prop-Shaft, Rear Diff, AYC pump, Fuel Lines). Removing all Rust ( cutting and welding, wire-bushing). Respray undercoat and anti-Rust protection. Finally respray with colour paint.  

TME Restore 7.jpg

Components Restoration

One of the most important things of a full restoration is "Focusing on Details". For a Full Restoration Project, we will be plating and detailing all arms, mounts, bolts, nuts...etc. to ensure every single detail has been restored back to its original appearance.

TME Restore 3.jpg
TME Restore 4.jpg

Wheels/Rims Restoration

Repairing Gutter Rash, Respraying with Correct colour code and Replacing all Wheel Stickers on 

TME Restore 5.jpg
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